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When you retain us what should you expect?
Before agreeing to undertake any search, we will :

Verify that we have the resources, time, knowledge and expertise to handle your specific assignment.
Disclose any and all information with regard to relationships or circumstances that might create actual or potential conflicts of interest. Disclose limitations arising through service with other clients that may affect our ability to perform the search assignment.
Establish with you a clear understanding of our "off limits" policy.
Define the scope and nature of services to be provided and the fees and expenses to be incurred.

After agreeing to undertake the search, we will :

Assist in clarifying the position to be filled

As part of the consulting relationship we will proactively help you to refine the specification of the position to be filled, applying our knowledge of the industry and of the potential supply of qualified executives.

Undertake thorough research

While we will apply our existing knowledge of industries and people in them we will in each and every case undertake thorough research to arrive at target organizations and candidates.

Maintain confidentiality

An executive search requires you to divulge highly sensitive information about your organization, and to be effective, a search consultant requires access to a wide range of information about your business. We will treat any and all information you give with the utmost confidentiality, and will disclose information to candidates with care and discretion. In addition, should the search itself require confidentiality, the search consultant will take all reasonable steps to maintain that confidentiality.

Undertake thorough reference checks

Once you have met and expressed interest in a candidate we will, to the extent permitted by legislation and respect for a candidate's privacy, check references and verify qualifications.